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Welcome to ABD Barn of Adventures: Where Family, Fun, and Uniqueness Converge!

As you know, we’re more than just a barn – we’re a dynamic venue and a unique experience tailored for families, children, and our community! Rooted in family values, we offer a range of outdoor activities including popup events, gardening lessons, READ @ The Barn, and many other engaging outdoor adventures!

At ABD Barn of Adventures, we’ve established a special haven for our community. Our barn features eight renovated stalls, now home to a delightful assortment of farm animals that children will find both entertaining and educational. With a legacy spanning decades within our family, we’re dedicated to upholding the same level of quality care that’s been a tradition for generations.

Recognizing that each animal has distinct needs, our devoted staff takes on various responsibilities including feeding, watering, and providing care such as bathing (especially during hot seasons), walking, and organizing activities that can involve the whole family, especially children interested in animal care.

To promote the well-being and development of our farm animals, we’ve set aside an area exclusively for walking and training.

Annually, we proudly host vibrant pop-up shop events right here on our premises, immersing children and the community in an enriching journey centered around sustainable practices! Additionally, we’re deeply committed to sustainability and community education. This dedication is exemplified through a range of initiatives, encompassing gardening workshops, tutorials on composting using everyday materials, guidance on caring for farm animals, and lessons in outdoor safety practices.

Our ultimate goal is to instill confidence and a profound appreciation for the connection between humans and the magnificent outdoors, all while nurturing personal growth and environmental harmony.

We’re fortunate to have a team of passionate individuals who diligently oversee our space, ensuring that non-recyclable items are removed from the field and barn, all while educating our community about the crucial importance of sustainability.

At ABD Barn of Adventures, our passion is centered in delivering an exceptional experience. We invite you to join us in our mission to create a space for family enjoyment, community gathering, pop-up events, and a hub for learning and growth.

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