Celebrating Local Artistry and Small Businesses at Charlotte's ABD Barn of Adventures this Fall!

Celebrating Local Artistry and Small Businesses at Charlotte’s ABD Barn of Adventures this Fall!

As autumn paints Charlotte in warm, inviting hues, ABD Barn of Adventures is set to host a spectacular event that brings together local artists and small businesses. This International Community Popup Event and Flea Market promises a vibrant showcase of creativity, all within the historic confines of one of Charlotte’s oldest barns.

A Platform for Local Talents:
Known for its commitment to family-friendly entertainment and education, ABD Barn of Adventures is now expanding its horizon to celebrate the artistic spirit of Charlotte. This event is designed to foster a sense of community and spotlight the diverse talents that thrive in this city.

Date and Details:
Prepare to mark your calendars for a weekend of discovery and delight [Date Son To Be Announced!]. The event promises a curated selection of unique crafts, artworks, and more, all within the picturesque setting of ABD Barn of Adventures.

Vendor Registration:
Secure your spot early by registering in advance. Visit https://forms.gle/AF9BZrpWqUt9BtFa9 or reach out to Michael or Marjanna at 518-699-2343 for personalized assistance.

Pricing Options:
Choose your preferred participation day(s):

– Saturday Only: $15
– Sunday Only: $15
– Both Days (Special Discount): $25

Why Participate?

1. Showcase Your Business: This event offers a unique platform to present your products and services to a diverse and engaged audience.
2. Connect with the Community: Engage with fellow creators and shoppers, forging valuable connections within the local community.
3. Enjoy a Picturesque Venue: The ABD Barn of Adventures provides an enchanting backdrop for your booth, enhancing the shopping experience.
4. Benefit from Extensive Promotion: The event will be widely advertised through various channels, ensuring a broad reach and high attendance.
5. Support Local Economy: Your participation directly contributes to the growth and prosperity of Charlotte’s small business scene.

The International Community Popup Event and Flea Market at ABD Barn of Adventures promises to be a highlight of Charlotte’s autumn calendar. With a diverse range of vendors and activities, it guarantees an enriching experience for visitors and vendors alike. Register today and be part of this celebration of creativity and community.